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With emphasis on do-it you’re self on popular T.V programs which make making projects look cheep quick and simple, this makes people ask the question. Quantum Build are a  professional building company and guarantee their work and carry it out in accordance with the building code of Australia

Martin the director of Quantum Build began his career in 1976 with a carpentry apprenticeship obtaining his builders licence in 1988. Martins company was formed in 1992.

Yes. We are a fully licensed building company. Our tradesman is skilled and qualified tradesman we supply compliance s certificate for reverent work performed.

Certainly. This can be arranged by appointment to view some a previous projects.

Yes. We are covered with all the reverent insurances. We offer Home warranty insurance for your project.

We offer both depending on which method suites your requirements either Fixed Price or Cost Plus contracts are available.

We can provide a professional Interior Designer and Colour Consultant Service to assist you with the selection of colour schemes, tiles, accessories, bathroom and kitchen fittings, floor coverings and finishes.

At Quantum Build we take time to understand the brief. Armed with this understanding we are able to provide the exceptional service, design and quality workmanshipyou expect.

We will work closely with you provide a complete tailored, flexible and personal service and it is our working relationship with our clients is what sets apart.

We will work with in your budget delivering the best value for money.

It depends on the municipality and project from experience, approvals are granted between 8 and 14 week.

Yes, Quantum Build can do it all from building designs, preparation of plans and permits, engineering, decor colour consultations, fixed price and timeframe contracts, quality references and personal service. 

In most cases, yes. Access is gained externally for as long as possible, Once we have achieved lock up and the building is secure we will access the existing dwelling. We continually communicate with you ensuring that yu are firmly up to date with our progress and “yes” we do clean up after ourselves.

Call for an appointment;  between now and then write down all your needs and wants. You should also establish a budget so we can work toward an affordable solution that suits your needs and circumstances. We will offer our professional opinion in relation to the project ensuring that you can make an informed decision.

Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes things happen. When things go wrong, we keep a sense of humour and perspective, whilst at the same time immediately taking whatever steps are necessary to get the project back on track.

We believe it is always better to insulate your new home during the building process. When attempting to install insulation after a building is complete it can become more complex and involve removal of plasterboard, drilling of holes, roof removal, etc. These steps can be costly and time consuming. Whenever possible it is best to insulate within the building process, preferably after the electrical wires and plumbing has been installed.

Yes, you can. However there may be low areas that you are unable to access and for which it is required that sections of the roof are removed. This is often the case for low pitch ceilings, rake ceilings, etc. Again such complexities can be both difficult and time consuming and are best left to the professionals.

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