About Us ―

With over 38 years in the construction industry, Quantum Build has the experience and expertise to carry out the best work for your desired project.

Our Process ―

We take the “hands-on approach” throughout the entire project conducting regular site meetings to ensure nothing has been missed and this gives you the opportunity to walk through the project and clarify any selections you have made.

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We’ll organise a convenient time for you to meet with us, so we can gain a through understanding of what you wont to achieve. We will explain all of your options as well as walking you through the steps that your project will require.

Getting an estimate

Once you are satisfied with your design and the preliminary estimate we can then process to the next stage, should the estimate not meet your budget we will then revisit the project with you. We will suggest changes for you to consider and still achieve your goals.

Finalising selections

It is now time to fire up your imagination and finalise your selections, complete with all the interior colours and finishes for your home.


Once we have building approval, engineering requirements and your final selections we will supply you with a building contract and organise a start date.


We will work to strict building timelines and keep you up to day every step of the way. You can’t rush quality and you can’t cut corners on workmanship, so out timelines are realistic to ensure we deliver project to enjoy for years to come.

Inspecting progress

It is not always easy to picture your home from looking at a drawing that is why we like to “walk through” the site regularly with you to clarify any details and selections you have made. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and practical, cost effective advice.


Congratulation! Your new home / addition / renovation is ready. Your dream is now reality. All you need to do is relax and enjoy you beautiful surroundings. Just before handover, we will meet you for a walk-through of your new design, ensuring everything meets or exceeds your expectations.


Valuing quality service and skill were working with the client is a priority; the result is a complete finish with mutual satisfaction and sense of achievement.

Marty, together with the Quantum Build team, works closely with you. As a builder with a small portfolio of projects at any given time, Marty is able to stay involved in your project from start to finish, getting to know you and ensuring satisfaction at every stage. Marty is your own personal project manager.

The Quantum Build team understands the importance of expertise, working continuously with specialists, for example, Serenity Bathrooms for the specific bathroom, laundry, and en-suite requirements.

It is the complete package at Quantum Build where that test of time comes from the next personal recommendation – from you.


Meet Marty ―

Having crafted his skills from meticulous care and attention to detail passed on by his father, proprietor and active member of the Quantum Build team, Marty leads the way with over 38 years experience in the building industry.

Marty began his career in 1976 with a carpentry apprenticeship, and for Marty his career choice was right obtaining his Builder’s License in 1982 and quickly establishing a reputation for building quality additions and renovations.


From ‘tailor-made’ new homes, required additions or renovations, small or large project domestic or commercial, Quantum Build is a modern innovative team of specialized tradespeople with friendly support staff to make your entire experience enjoyable and exceed satisfaction.

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